Brandon Lochridge

I have been a Christian for 20+ years. I was saved at a young age but neglected to walk faithfully with the Lord up until 2003. My wife's name is Amber. We were married in 2005 and we have 4 beautiful children; Jayda, Tyson, Priscilla, and Isla. We attend Calvary Community Church in Brea, CA. Aside from the word of God I enjoy reading the reformers and the puritans. I have been blessed with numerous opportunities within my local church over the past 10 years to teach God's word in a corporate setting. I believe, as Hebrews says, that the word of God is living and active. It saves those who believe it and condems those who reject it. I believe the kingdom of God is manifest when the Gospel is preached. This is my reason for doing this ministry. In dark days where the Gospel message is being compromised and relativism is sweeping through the Church, we need Berean-like believers who are willing to be a light in the darkness and fight for sound biblical doctrine and good biblical theology.

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