January 9, 2017

Hello Christian!


I pray you are having a blessed week. There are currently four podcasts up and running that you can listen to on your favorite podcast player. In addition to the podcasts, I've added an audio player to the website under the Audios tab. You can now use the audio player on the website as another source for playing back Full Armor Radio content.


Anyone looking for a good podcast player, let me give you two suggestions. For us iPhone users we of course have iTunes Podcast, but I've found there to be a better player in town. It's a podcast player called Overcast and you can download it here. This app was first shown to me by a good friend who was using it exclusively. It has awesome features like Smart Speed and Voice Boost. Smart Speed will intelligently speed up the audio playback when there's dead space in the audio, getting rid of some of those awkward gaps that tend to happen in a podcast. Voice Boost will give a nice little bump to those slightly hard to hear podcasts. There's also a speed increase bar where you can select different speed increases which will ever so slightly speed up the audio while still keeping it manageable to listen to. There's even a sleep timer function in this app. If you have an iPhone, get this app!


Android users... switch to the iPhone. I kid, I kid! (Not really) If you MUST stay with your Android device then unfortunately there is no Overcast app for you BUT... not to worry. We are also on TuneIn now which has both iOS and Android apps. Find us here on iOS, and here on Google Play. TuneIn has a solid, popular app that everyone can enjoy. God bless! 

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